Providing various educational opportunities for clients to help them achieve the skills and resources they need to become independent.

Financial Management Class – Based on the FDIC MoneySmart curriculum.

Jobs Skills Training – Resume writing, interview skills, and soft skills education. This class emphasizes the skills necessary not only to get a job but to excel in that job. Curriculum is based on employer needs and how participants can meet those needs to benefit themselves and their families.

Our goal is to help clients learn the skills necessary to obtain employment and position themselves for advancement.

While other organizations may have similar programs, it is the only one in our community that couples the education program with one on one coaching and a case management program. The Mission is also the organization that offers emergency financial assistance to participants. This also allows us to address individual needs as it pertains to employment.
Work Skills Education not only helps individuals with resume and interviewing skills but how to become more employable, productive, and self-sufficient community members through education and training.

Work skills education offers clients many skills and resources to assist them in finding substantial employment. This is a case management program that offers one-on-one coaching and an education program designed for employment readiness. Work skills curriculum focuses on matching employee behaviors to employer expectations. Designed for entry level workers, our curriculum clustered around 5 key skill areas for employment success and advancement.

  • Confidence and Personal Power
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Life Management
  • Team work and Leadership
  • Job Success and Advancement

In the case management program, clients are provided individual coaching to solidify the skills they are learning and to help ensure their success. Case management does not end at employment; after all, there are many challenges that come with a new job. Our case managers support, advice, and mentor clients as they enter the job market.

73.8% of our graduates are now employed.

64% have not required additional financial services.

The Employment Resource Center is equipped with computers for job search and resume writing. It also includes a phone system, complete with answering system for clients in search of employment and client mail boxes to enable clients to have an address to receive mail. Clients in this program have access to staff to help them navigate through the job search process.
Based on the book by Phil DeVol ,“Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World”, this 15 week program offers participants workshops and classes that focus on:

  • Building resources
  • Creating a “future story” – the life they want to have for themselves and their family
  • Goal Setting

Each participant is paired with a caseworker and mentors to help with the steps to accomplish goals, encourage progress, celebrate accomplishments, and hold them accountable to their goals.

The Mission has graduated over 125+ clients from the Getting Ahead Program. Many participants are use this program as a stepping stone to continue on to earn their GED, college education, and secure employment.

We are proud of our Getting Ahead graduates. At the Mission we believe in treating our clients with respect by giving them encouragement as well as the skills, tools and education to believe in themselves.


Training Volunteers to Make a Difference

Bridges Out of Poverty is based on the book of the same name written by Dr. Ruby K. Payne with Philip E. DeVol and Terie Dreussi-Smith.

This workshop helps prepare volunteers and community members to address poverty more effectively. It is through the understanding of the issues of poverty that we can become more effective in removing barriers and helping families as they journey to self-sufficiency.

Bridges Out of Poverty provides concrete tools for a community to prevent, reduce, and alleviate poverty.

Materials used and strategies developed are focused on:

  • Moving individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency
  • Reducing social costs related to crime, poor health, and welfare
  • Strengthening educational attainment and job skills
  • Enhancing economic development
  • Improving on-the-job productivity
  • Revitalizing neighborhoods
  • Building a sustainable community where everyone can live well

Class Schedule:

The Mooresville Christian Mission invites you to join us for one of our upcoming Bridges Out of Poverty series. This program is for those who are looking to counter poverty or its impact on people and businesses in our community. We will learn about the innovative concepts and training found in Bridges Out of Poverty solutions. Under our Bridges Model, we offer the ideas, structures, and concrete tools a community needs to prevent, alleviate, and reduce poverty.