Mark had a wife, young daughter, a home and good-paying job with a large pest control company.  Things turned when his wife left him and his daughter.  Soon after he lost his job and sunk into a depression.  The first time Mark came to The Mission was through the Christmas Angels Program.  He did not know where to go, not having received any type of services before, and wanted to provide his young daughter with some Christmas presents.

Since then Mark visits the Mission on an as-needed basis.  He has a small farm that he maintains and earns a small income.  He is also the only caregiver for his daughter given that they have no family in the area.  Mark limits his visits to the Mission only when he is in real need of food or clothing.  Mark says, “I am so appreciative that I can get school clothes for my daughter, shoes for both of us, and food.”

He’s thankful the Mission can help his daughter get the nutrition she needs with well-balanced meals, including chicken or meat, bread and vegetables.