Fighting Poverty

  • Food Pantry
  • Resource/Free Store
  • Emergency Services

Offering Hope

  • Hunger & Homeless Prevention
  • Transitional Housing
  • Mentoring
  • Case Management

Empowering People

  • Educational Services
  • Work Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Bridges to Success

The kindest thing that we can do for those living in poverty is to offer hope,  believe in their abilities to move beyond poverty, and to help them obtain the skills to become self-sufficient.

It takes many services to help a family as they journey out of poverty.  Our programs are designed based on community and individual needs assessments.

What makes us unique?

We work to prevent future crisis and focus on empowering the entire family unit with the skills and resources of be self-supportive and rise out of poverty.

Programs based on community and client needs assessments.

The Mission uses these assessments to determine new programs and partnerships.

A Client Based Needs Assessment is conducted at time of service or application. These findings are used to match clients to programs, either in-house or with partnering agencies or organizations.

Community Based Needs Assessments are also conducted throughout the area to identify needs, disparities and service gaps.

Ongoing Services -Not a “once or twice a year” agency.

Other crisis agencies limit financial assistance to once or twice a year. The Mission understands that it often takes many months to fight your way through a crisis and out of poverty. We work with local families helping them understand their situation and strategize how to change their circumstances. We then give our clients the tools, skills and support they need to rise out of poverty permanently.  We are available for our clients through their entire journey out of poverty to self-sufficiency.

Coordinate Services

The Mission coordinates with other local agencies and churches to provide client assistance and maintain data base. We track assistance amounts and services received, helping to eliminate fraud and abuse while ensuring clients do not fall between the cracks. Coordinated services also allow the maximum use of resources.

Client Qualifications

All Mission clients are screened and income verified. Clients requiring monetary assistance are required to develop a plan to prevent future crisis.